At Gowan Communications, we offer a full slate of services you need to deliver your message to your audiences. From digital strategies to copy writing, we have the expertise to help you communicate effectively.

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Content strategy

We help you define your content goals, audiences, creation process, and maintenance plan to produce meaningful content.

Through the use of metrics and SEO, we use data along with our content expertise to create a content strategy that matches your needs. Paired with stakeholder and user interviews, we develop content requirements and site maps that result in successful content.


Content creation and editing

Our team of experienced writers will craft stories to help you connect with your audience. We produce quality content of all types, including:

  • Profiles
  • Feature articles
  • Blog posts
  • Informational articles/pages
  • Search engine marketing landing pages

Web strategy

Our expertise covers all areas of web strategy, with a particular focus on:

  • SEO and analytics: The power of data can improve the quality and reach of content. We gather information from site metrics tools like Google Analytics and search engine rankings, and then use them in the service of better communication.
  • Website analysis: Review sites’ technology, usability, accessibility, and more
  • RFP drafting, review, and vendor selection consultation

Production and design

We can see projects through from concept to completion. This includes:

  • Web design and prototyping
  • Digital publications
  • E-mail newsletters
  • Website development: for small-scale projects, we will work with you to be a sleek and functional site based on WordPress. With our expertise on this, we will create a custom theme and plugins to make content maintenance a breeze.


We conduct seminars and classes to teach the elements of content strategy and web writing best practices to your team. These can be done onsite or through video chat. Topics include:

  • Real-world content strategy
  • Web writing best practices
  • SEO for writers

Video services

Our video team excels at telling your story visually. From storyboards to the final edit, we understand the value of video as part of a comprehensive content strategy.