We're content optimists

We believe in the power of content to connect you with your audience. Your words, images, videos, and other pieces of content matter—to your audience, your content is you.

The Gowan Communications team has the experience to help you understand the content your audience wants and the expertise to guide content ideas to fruition—from content strategy and writing to site design and development.

It takes more than just content creators to deliver the best content to your audience. Our proven process—refined over the past 15 years—involves strategy, project management, writing, editing, design, development, and more, all with the flexibility to work for projects large and small.

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A balanced content model

We balance the art of storytelling with the science of data (search engine optimization and site metrics) to create effective content.

Here’s how it works:

Tell a good story

Compelling stories take many forms—a feature story, a how-to video, or even an informational web page—but a sound editorial process underlies well-produced content. We help you identify your goals, know your audience, and tell your story in an engaging way.

Connect with your audience

Using search engine optimization (SEO), we can find the best ways to match you with your audience. SEO doesn’t override the editorial process—it works with it to develop stories that your audience can easily find.

Measure success

Using site analytics, we can see if we’re accomplishing your goals. The data can also help us revise content as needed to achieve your desired outcome—and identify new areas of opportunities.

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