Duke MMCi Program

Duke’s Master of Management in Clinical Informatics (MMCi) is a twelve-month program specifically designed to teach the business of healthcare to individuals interested in a variety of disciplines in clinical informatics.

Challenge: MMCi wanted to rebrand with an updated website that appealed to prospective students by being clean, modern, and professional. They wanted to appeal to students of a wide range of ages and so photos and videos would be an important aspect of the site. They also needed to be agile, able to make large changes to the site in a short timeframe as needs change.

Services: Web strategy, content strategy, web design, web development, photography, videography

Solution: We designed, built, and relaunched their site, mmci.duke.edu, using a WordPress framework that is modular, allowing for maximum flexibility. We created two videos that featured former students describing their experiences in the program. We also had photographers at events and in the classroom so that the website could give a real sense of what the program is like.