Our Approach

We’re content optimists.

We believe in the power of content to help you connect with your audience — the patients and families who need specialty care at your new hospital.

Content isn’t just words for search engine optimization or photos to bring a splash of color to a page. Your content is you — and it should show that you understand and can meet the needs of your audience.

Every project is unique — and our understanding of the editorial process and years of experience executing healthcare content projects means we can adapt to your needs.

Our clients appreciate that we’re small enough to offer personalized attention, yet capable enough to handle their most complex requirements.

The process proposed below can be adjusted based on how your team prefers to work and what will facilitate success.

You’ll benefit from the tailored, flexible service of a specialized team with healthcare content expertise.

Our Content Strategy Process

Content should meet the needs of visitors while also achieving organizational goals. A clear content strategy can help you accomplish both.

Creating a content strategy helps align the project team to the content goals and provides a roadmap to refer to throughout content development, keeping your content aligned with audience needs and your objectives.

We arrive at a content strategy by involving the project team and key stakeholders, as well as the target audience. It’s essential to understand your audience’s needs so that the site resonates with your community. With input from a variety of voices and sources, your content strategy will show the way to successful content.

Our recommended process includes:

Stakeholder interviews

  • Interview up to five leaders within UT Health San Antonio to understand what they want from the site content as well as differentiators.

Audience research

  • Review demographic data for the prospective patient area.
  • Interview up to five people from the San Antonio community who represent prospective visitors to the site.

Analyze metrics

  • Review metrics from uthscsa.edu for insights into behaviors on the current site.

Competitive analysis

  • Review up to five competitor sites (identified during stakeholder interviews and our research) to identify audience expectations and opportunities to differentiate UT Health San Antonio.


  • Report that summarizes findings and provides recommendations for content strategy.
  • Presentation of our findings to the UT Health San Antonio project team to discuss and gather feedback.

We’ll revise the report based on feedback from the project team.

Our Content Development Process

Translating a content strategy into effective content requires a thoughtful process, executed by experienced healthcare writers and editors.

Building on the content strategy, we’ll work with UT Health San Antonio experts to create actionable and informative content that addresses your audience’s needs. Our focus is on differentiating UT Health San Antonio’s providers, facilities, and services from your competition.

Project management

Our project manager will define a process that works for your team and establish milestones for our team and yours. We typically use Basecamp for communications and Asana for task management, but we can integrate with your existing project management tools if you prefer.

Information architecture

Based on the content strategy, we’ll suggest updates to the information architecture developed by the UT Health San Antonio team.

Keyword research

Keyword research helps us understand what your audience is seeking. Our goal is to seamlessly incorporate the appropriate keywords to achieve SEO goals without interfering with the visitor experience.

Content matrix

We’ll translate the site map into a spreadsheet that outlines content on each page, differentiators, existing sources, keywords, subject matter experts, and more.


Information gathering

Using the content matrix as a guide, we’ll gather information for content creation. This includes reviewing existing materials, interviewing subject matter experts (one per page), and performing additional research.



Our team of experienced healthcare writers will create the content based on web best practices, incorporating UT Health San Antonio’s brand voice and editorial style. We’ll use content templates that match the content types defined by the UT Health San Antonio team for the site, including essential metadata.

SME review

We’ll gather feedback from the subject matter expert for the page and provide one round of revision. We use version control to make sure that revisions are tracked.


We’ll review the SME-approved content for UT Health San Antonio editorial style and prep the content for implementation in your content management system.