Hopkins Medicine

We’ve collaborated with Hopkins Medicine on several projects since 2012, from helping them create provider profiles to developing landing pages and more. The projects highlighted here are the most relevant to UT Health San Antonio’s current needs.
Johns Hopkins Medicine


  • Helped improve clinical trial participation in underrepresented populations by developing content
  • Simplified access to hundreds of lab sites through clear descriptions and keywords, helping researchers easily find relevant labs
  • Crafted engaging content for Hopkins’ home care website, directly addressing the specific needs of patients and caregivers

Understanding Clinical Trials

The Hopkins Medicine team wanted to create content that improved clinical trial recruitment, particularly in underrepresented populations. They asked for a series of articles and landing page content that would help with this cause. The focus of this content was education and improving community relations.


  • Interviewed multiple subject matter experts for each article
  • Performed keyword research
  • Drafted the content based on interviews and research
  • Revised based on feedback from the experts and web team
Johns Hopkins - Understanding Clinical Trials

Johns Hopkins Care at Home

Hopkins Medicine sought to improve the web content for its Home Care Group by rewriting the site content to better convey the services it offers to prospective patients and caregivers. They turned to our team to develop about 45 pages of content for the site.


  • Interviewed subject matter experts
  • Performed keyword research
  • Wrote content for the new site
  • Identified opportunities and ideas for images
  • Revised based on feedback from the experts and web team
Johns Hopkins Care at Home

Lab Profiles

The Hopkins universe includes hundreds of lab sites, some hosted within its platform and some outside of it. Hopkins wanted a single place where people could search all these entities. We helped them by drafting a summary for each lab and adding keywords that allowed the search to produce useful results. 


  • Reviewed content for hundreds of labs
  • Summarized in lay terms when possible
  • Chose keywords to facilitate filtering
Johns Hopkins Research Labs