Most of the people you meet these days have already formed an impression of you. Before you ever get to shake hands and greet them with a smile, they know more about you than you’ll have time to tell them during your initial meeting.

Because they Googled you as soon as they heard they have an appointment.

Which makes your online profile—whether on your website, LinkedIn profile, public Facebook page, or any other dozens of other potential places—the most important advertising you invest in.

Your profile should tell the story you want potential clients to hear. It should rank at the top of search engine result pages for the terms that you specialize in. And it should, above all, make a great first impression.

Key elements of a profile

At a minimum, your profile should:

  • Convey your expertise
  • Stress what you people to come to you for
  • Present an image of you as you want to be seen

Too many people throw together a bio, post it and never think about it again. That could be a big mistake. Instead of rushing through it, take some time to think about what your audience wants to hear. That means you need to define who you are talking to and what you’d like them to do as a result of reading your bio.

You also want to implement tracking to see that people are visiting and spending an appropriate amount of time on the page, and—importantly—following through on the action you’d like them to take.

Your online profile is too valuable not to give it the attention it needs—and you deserve. At Gowan Communications, we’ve crafted hundreds of profiles. Let us help you make a great first impression.